Want to get your greetings cards published by us? Now's your chance in the Paperboy SEND DOODS!


We pride ourselves on collaborating with the World’s nicest creatives from diverse backgrounds, wherever they are in their creative journey.


As we continue on that mission, we're looking for the freshest design talent to create fun greeting cards that will be published for sale on the Paperboy website and App. 


Exceptional designs will be given an opportunity for wholesale representation through our sister company and a chance to be sold in retailers around the World.


All levels are welcome, we're ultimately looking for nice work that fits our catalogue.


Sound good?


To Begin

Build a collection!

We want a good sized collection for each artist. Aim for, but not necessarily limit yourself to at least 8 -12 finished card designs.


Getting things right for print

Create your artwork using the Paperboy print templates. DOWNLOAD PRINT TEMPLATES 

Save files at 300 DPI as .jpegs.


What do we look for in a good card?

We look for a mix of funny, witty, cute, and well designed artwork that has commercial appeal. We love contemporary illustration but you're not limited to that.

Make us laugh - we love a really nice illustration with a witty, funny caption whether it's rude, smart or a good pun. Funny cards are usually bestsellers, think about how you might talk to your closest friends, your siblings or the inside jokes you have with family.


Tips: Try to hit some popular card occasions and seasons:

Birthdays (and milestones, kids, etc) Valentines, Galentines, Pregnancy, Newborns, Engagement, Mothers / Fathers Day, Christmas, Easter, Anniversary, Congrats, Thank You, Sorry, Get Well, etc.


If you’re looking for inspiration check out our Instagram @PaperboyLondon where we will be posting a video guide on how to design a great card.


When you're done

Upload your best designs to a online portfolio and send them to us via the contact form.

We look forward to seeing your work. Please note we get hundreds of submissions a month so may take a little while to get back to you.


About Paperboy

Paperboy® is an independent online retailer of personalised design-led greeting cards and gifts, celebrating contemporary illustration and creativity and the people behind it.


Using our website and dedicated smartphone app we sell stationery, art prints and gifts printed on high recycled paper direct to consumer. We sell a mix of our in-house designs and collaborations with the world's nicest contemporary illustrators and designers.

We have a distinct focus on diversity and inclusivity, that includes representation in our designs, greeting card occasions and the talent we work with.


How we work with our Artists

1. We pay artists £0.30 GBP per greeting card sold.

2. Full licensing details and terms will be discussed and agreed if we choose to take on your cards.

3. Your cards will be published on our website and app with you attributed as the artist.

4. If your cards are chosen for potential wholesale representation, we will discuss further terms